From the ESPN Cincinnati Reds Website:

Jr. Goes Deep for Missing Fan
Ken Griffey Jr.
Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. had a chance to do something for an American Hero on Tuesday night, and he did it. Before their game with the Phillies, Reds publicity director Rob Butcher forwarded Junior an e-mail from a Katrina Marino of New York, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. It read: "My husband, Kenny Marino, a Rescue 1 firefighter, is missing. Ken Griffey Jr. was his favorite player ... If Ken Griffey Jr. could hit an extra home run for Kenny, I know he will be looking down with a big smile." Junior delivered a shot in an 8-1 win. "This is a guy who lost his life to save others," Griffey said. "Then his wife takes time to send the Reds an e-mail ... I'm just glad I got a chance to do something to make him smile."

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