Firefighter brother-in-law among missing

By SUE SCHULTZ, Staff Writer

News & Record

HIGH POINT -- More than a week after the attacks on the World Trade Center, Heidi Hochwarth still has a message from her sister on her answering machine.

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Kenny Marino with children Kristin(L) and Tyler(R)(Photo: Courtesy of Hochwarth family/©News & Record)


"A plane just hit one of the towers, I saw it," Hochwarth's sister, Katrina Marino, said from her cell phone near the buildings Tuesday morning. "Kenny is there."

Kenny is Katrina's husband, Hochwarth's brother-in-law, and a New York City firefighter. He is one of the missing now presumed dead.

"In my heart, when I saw the first building collapse, I didn't think he made it," Hochwarth said.

Hochwarth first heard of the attacks last Tuesday morning while she was dropping off her children at day care. Another mother told her. The High Point resident immediately thought of her sister's husband, a member of Rescue One, one of New York City's five elite rescue squads.

"I knew he would be there," Hochwarth said. "He was always at these things."

Last weekend, Hochwarth and her family packed their bags and headed for New York City to be with her sister, niece and nephew.

On Saturday, Hochwarth visited the Rescue One Fire Station on West 43rd Street. The faces of the 11 firefighters missing from the company, including Marino, were taped on the front window. Three firefighters from the station have been confirmed dead.

"There was a board on the wall that kept track of where all the firefighters were," Hochwarth said. "No one had touched it since Tuesday's attacks. Under some of their names it still read, 'Out riding,'"

Hochwarth and her sister gathered some family photos and put up makeshift posters.

One of the photographs of Marino and his family was taken three days before the attacks during a family trip to New York's Long Beach.

In another photograph, Marino and the children -- Kristin, 3, and Tyler, 20 months -- are standing in front of the rescue truck. Just an hour before the attacks, the children had been playing on the truck, which was later crushed by falling debris.

Hochwarth said she is grateful to all the neighbors and friends who have helped her sister.

"We haven't really unpacked yet," Hochwarth said, pointing to the luggage by the front door. "I keep thinking we may have to go back soon."

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