Sept. 28: This is one of the those stories that seem corny until you realize it really meant something to someone in their time of need. Ken Griffey Jr. of the Cincinnati Reds hit a home run Tuesday night in Philadelphia. No big deal, except to Katrina Marino of New York. Katrina's husband Kenny, 40, was one of the hundreds of firefighters lost in the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Kenny Marino adored Ken Griffey. So much so that he named his 1-year-old son Ken, his wife told the Cincinnati Enquire, after Griffey and not himself. So much so that he went to Seattle to see Griffey play a few years ago and met his idol.  “He got close enough to see (Griffey) and give him an NYFD (New York Fire Department) T-shirt for his son,” Katrina told the paper.

Katrina e-mailed the Reds late last week and said it would mean a lot to her if Griffey hit a home run. Griffey was informed of the e-mail prior to Tuesday's game and sent one out of the park.

``I got an e-mail saying (Griffey) had hit a home run. I was so excited. I knew Kenny was very happy somewhere,'' Katrina said.

Griffey downplayed his achievement, but when informed of who exactly Marino was, said: : “Oh my God, I remember that. I still have the shirt.”

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