A message from Katrina, Sept. 15, 2001:

Friends and Family,

This is the first time I am sitting down and truly expressing my thoughts as well as my sincere Thank you's to all of you.

I do not even know where to begin, this whole event has become like a walking nightmare.  If you have ever had a true nightmare - you try not to revisit, and/ or remember it when you wake up, however, this is something we are living - so I can not just wake up and move on.

I do not know if I or any of us will ever get over this - how could we.  Everything in my life for the past 8 years has included Kenny.  
Whenever something happened, or whenever I had thoughts, happy or sad - I shared them when my Kenny - where is he now?

I feel he needs some of our cuddles, hugs and kisses - I hate that
he might be somewhere alone without our comfort.
I fear that he knew his end, with terror
that is part of my nightmare - that he knew his end.

Kristin and Tyler were lucky enough to share some very
special moments with 'dada' that last day,
Some I know I will never forget,,,
They were able to ride on 'dada's' fire truck one last time,
the very same day that daddy rode it for the last time.

How can we ever explain all this to all the Kristin's and Tyler's
of this tragic event?

I do not know!

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