From the Cincinatti Post Online Edition

NOTEWORTHY - Katrina Marino, the widow of New York firefighter Kenny Marino who is missing in the World Trade Center rubble and presumed dead, sent another e-mail to Reds media relations director Rob Butcher thanking him for forwarding her e-mail of a day earlier to Griffey. Griffey was Kenny Marino's favorite player, and Katrina had asked if Griffey might hit a home run for her husband in Tuesday night's game. Coincidentally, Griffey did, and now will send the Marino family - which includes daughter Kristin Marie, 3, and son Tyler Kenneth, 1 - an autographed bat. Griffey also plans to meet them when the Reds go to New York next season. Katrina Marino said in her second e-mail that Tyler's father did not choose his son's middle name because it was his own, but because it was Griffey's. . . 

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